Puzzle Challenge

Here’s a quick photo of the puzzle piece I teased about yesterday…

I started by putting the puzzle together and mod-podging the back to hold the pieces in place.  I’ll admit, I rejected one finished frame after mod-podging the front – it just muted the colors too much for me, so I’d recommend just doing the back.  I managed this by finding two pieces of heavy paper larger than my puzzle – slipped one under the finished puzzle and laid the other on top, then was able to flip the whole “sandwich” and mod-podge the back.

I found the frame at my local Michaels and painted it a blue close to the color of the sky in the puzzle, then I used a craft knife to cut out the areas I liked best and reconstruct them on the frame.  The edges are finished with Inkessentials Foil Tape from Ranger…

I’m determined today to get by a dollar store and pick up a few more puzzles so I can try this with my mis-match idea!!

On an unrelated note, I MADE MY FIRST SALE yesterday!!!  Thanks so much Debra – you made my day!!!  Debra bought the business card holder, but I’m working on a couple more and will try to get them out there next week.


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