I promised myself when I closed Dragonfly and started OneJanuaryDay that I would “blog regularly.”  I was convinced I just needed a fresh start to jump start my frozen words.  It hasn’t really seemed to work out as I’d hoped.

I’ve been working sort of visually the last couple of weeks, falling in love all over again with Judy Wise.  She has so much creative knowledge that she shares so freely and with such compassion – well, I’ve found that any class with Judy is cathartic and healing.

Judy spoke in class recently about writing out the compost in her daily journal entries and I loved that notion so much.  My head gets filled with such nonsense sometimes – what ifs and how comes and silly rants about nothing at all – stuff I can only refer to as compost!  I think it all sometimes gets stuck in there and clogs me up emotionally, creatively, and every other way.  I was reading a blog a few days ago that talked about how to combat ‘bloggers block’ and I realized, for me, it’s less about ‘bloggers block’ than it is about not wanting to come here with my nonsense brain (you don’t want to hear it and I don’t want to put it into real words).  The thing that rang out for me, though, in that bloggers block post were three simple suggestions…

  1. Step away from the computer
  2. Get outside
  3. Take some photos

So, that’s what I did this morning and, look (!!), there are words coming out!!  Hooray!!!  So, I’m promising myself, even if it’s just a walk around the block with my iphone, I am GOING to get outside for a bit every day.  It’s going to be part of my creative ritual – putting on my walking shoes and taking a few deep breaths can be part of my “getting into the zone” process and, as I walk, I can watch for the nonsense and shoo it away with birdsong and fresh air.  If I were to have a spring manifesto, as so many bloggers are posting lately, that would be it.

I’ll be back tomorrow (promise!!) to share some of the work I’ve completed in Judy’s fan-TABULOUS class!!  I’m hoping she will offer this one again or provide an e-book version because this is truly juicy stuff.  I’ll definitely let you know (assuming you’re not already following her wonderful blog).


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