How a Lonely Heart was Inspired by a Hacker

There are few things in the world to which I apply the word “hate” – shirts with collars, lima beans, zombie books (really?  I want to read about a zombie?!?), and hackers.  I know hate is a strong word, that’s why I’m going to follow this thought with some pretty, so bear with me.

First, my email got hacked this morning, sending emails of the “lengthening and profiting” variety to everyone I’ve known for the last, ohhhhhh, ten years or so… people who might not even remember who I am or people who know me and wonder why on god’s green earth I would send them “lengthening and profiting” emails!  I’m mortified because I’m a bit of a technology nerd and I let this happen to me!

On the bright side, I heard from people today that I hadn’t heard from in awhile.  Is it possible that being hacked could be a lesson in “just reach out?”  It’s not that I haven’t had interesting things to share or pursuits that could have been followed with a friend – I just have a sort of bad habit of isolating myself.  Seems it took a hacker to remind me that the circuit works both ways.  I have to reach out too.


In any event, I’ve been in the mood for a road trip, frequently waxing poetic about the idea for any loved ones that will listen.  This week, I finally stopped yapping, jumped in the car and drove…

to a place called Honor Heights Park in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

It’s a place I last visited as a child, when my mother took my little sister and I on one of those “pick a direction” trips and we just happened to hit the azalea jackpot.

This show kicks off every year around the first of April and draws visitors from all over the world.

With 625 varieties and over 30,000 plants, I might have to make another trip.


2 Comments on “How a Lonely Heart was Inspired by a Hacker

  1. I am sorry to here that you got hacked. But on the bright side you took your road trip and the pictures are beautiful. It makes me want to go out and take more pictures.

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