The Courage to Speak Softly

For most of my life, people have let me know in various ways that the way I am in the world (quiet, contemplative, bookish) was not the right way to be – teachers who tried to teach me lessons in extroversion that revolved around excruciating (for me) public displays, employers who passed me over for special assignments in favor of more outgoing peers, even family who urged me to put down my books, play with strangers, or act more like a certain gregarious cousin.  I’ve tended to feel like something was essentially wrong with me and have searched high and low for solutions (speech classes, assertiveness training) – until now…

Susan Cain is the author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.


6 Comments on “The Courage to Speak Softly

  1. Oh Kelley I hope you continue to embrace who you are! I know many quiet people who are truly gifts if you take the time to get to know them for who they are!
    I’m in DC this week. Hope to get back in time for ArtsyGals Thursday night! See you then! Big hugs!

    • Thank you Debra – I’m finally learning to appreciate my quiet nature. So glad you made it back for Artsy Gals last week! You just light up the room and it always makes me so happy to visit with you.


    • Thank you Angie! I’m so excited about the retreat idea you and Jacqueline are cooking up – please keep me posted!!

  2. I have often felt the same way about my sensitivity. People tell me to toughen up, get over it, stop being such a wuss. I have realzied how much the world needs ultra-compassionate and ultra-sensitive people to balance out some of the harshness.
    Your quiet voice has so much to say. I am thankful for the my own ability to shut up and listen deeply.
    Much love to you, Powerful One !

    • I’m thankful too Kim – I’m learning that our kind of quietude has a powerful effect on the world and I’m starting to love that so much.

      bug hugs to you,

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