Beauty and the Adventure

Remember a few days ago, when I drove all the way to Muskogee, Oklahoma (300 miles round trip) to take pictures of azaleas because I was soooo longing for a road trip?  Well, apparently, I didn’t get enough because I have another trip in the works.  A bigger trip.  A 1200 mile trip! But, before I tell you about that, isn’t it funny that I drove all the way to Muskogee to find azaleas, when there were some at the lake about a mile from home?  Okay, technically, I’m not 100% certain these (above) are azaleas (and I know the rest of these photos aren’t), but they sure did satisfy my thirst for pretty today!

So, the trip…  I decided I needed to do something different this year and did not sign up for SAW.  Even though that is starting to feel a little yucky as I watch the usual pre-SAW chatter online, I still think it was the right decision for me.  I listened recently to an interview Rice Freeman-Zachery did with Christine Mason Miller and Rice speculated that the art retreat business might be evolving into something quieter – that is definitely ringing true for me.  While the bigger art retreats give you lots of opportunity to meet people and experience diverse artists, I’m coming to terms with being an introvert and, to be brutally honest, the big art retreats are a teensy bit painful for me.  That whole “who will I sit with at dinner” and “what if nobody talks to me in class” and, well, you know what I mean if you’re an introvert… it’s just hellfire, wrapped in a pretty bow!  The bow being, of course, the artists and wonderful friendships that form.  With all that said, I was looking for a smaller circle this year and I think (hope) I found it at Valley Ridge.  I’m signed up for Sacred Play with (drumroll) Misty Mawn and Katie Kendrick.  These ladies are two of the first bloggers I found way back in 2007 when I entered this amazing blogosphere and I actually met Misty briefly at SAW last year; of course, being the introvert I am, I barely said more than hello, but I’ve wanted to take a class with her ever since.

Sooooo, I’m head for Wisconsin in May.  And I’m driving!  Happy road trip for me!!!  Major cities I expect to hit include Kansas City, MO and Dubuque IA.  If you’ve ever been in either of these cities, I’d love recommendations for artsy/fun places to visit.  I’m hoping to take a slow trip out there so I have time to see what that direction of the continent has to offer.

I’m pretty sure the original moral of this story was “you needn’t look much farther than the end of your nose to find beauty in the world,” but that’s probably not going to sway me from my mission.  Adventure is a powerful drug for me and I need me some!  And I’m so excited for this measured dose that Valley Ridge has to offer – rural setting (just like SAW), plus smaller class sizes and a more intimate circle of people… it’s sounding just this side of heaven and I can barely wait!!


2 Comments on “Beauty and the Adventure

  1. I am so excited to hear about Valley Ridge. The workshop you signed up for sounds amazing. If you don’t have to be home soon continuing driving East…I would love a visitor. I have a guest room and never a dull moment in my house.

    • I might take you up on that – need to figure out my schedule for sure, but I’ll let you know. Thank you for the offer – would love to see you and Mary again!!!

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