People Pictures

A few weeks ago, my sister asked if I would take some senior pictures of my nephew, Dannin.  I’ll tell you a little secret, I was worried sick about it!  What if I couldn’t get any good clear shots, what if they looked too amateurish, what if I couldn’t get him to smile??!!  Oh, it wasn’t pretty – not at all!

But I did what I always do – went to the book store and poured over books about taking good people photos!  Then I enrolled in an online class, studied about a gazillion senior photos online and took myself on a few location scouting trips.  In the end, I’m pretty pleased and he smiled plenty (thank you Dannin!!)…

I’ve always been the people photographer in the family – much to my family’s disdain I must add.  I’m the one who grabs the camera during Thanksgiving dinner for those wonderful fork-on-the-way-to-mouth shots, not to mention those ever-grainy Christmas photos with dirty dishes and torn wrapping paper in the background.  Even though I’ve probably taken about a million pictures of people over the years, this was the first time I think I ever purposefully set out to take appealing shots – with good backgrounds and bright colors and golden-hour lighting.

The whole experience gives me a new perspective on taking people photos – I’m sure my family will be grateful!!


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