Butterfly Magic

Yesterday afternoon I decided to park myself on the patio with a book.  Gorgeous day, good book, comfy chair… what could be better?!  But the birds kept distracting me with their raucous singing, the sunshine twinkling through the leaves of the tree above me just seemed to beg for my attention, and then there was that delicious honeysuckle scent in the air!  I’d been to my paper art store earlier in the day and was convinced at first it was somebody’s lingering perfume (lots of hugs to be had at the paper art store :D), but it just kept calling until I finally pried my nose from between the pages of my book and took a good look around.

At the side of my yard, along the fence line, I discovered an enormous white flowering honeysuckle.  I don’t know if it’s never flowered before or if I’ve just been blind to it, but it is beyond breathtaking!  And then I took a closer look… and found it was covered… completely… with red admiral butterflies.

I spent the rest of the afternoon bathed in sunlight and butterfly kisses while I took about a gazillion photos (as any self-respecting butterfly-loving photographer would do)!  A few even ended up in the shop if you’d like to see a little more of my magical butterfly afternoon!


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