Conversations with Siri

I treated myself to a cell phone upgrade last week – iPhone 4s, complete with Siri!  It’s great; except, I’m pretty sure Siri doesn’t like me.

Hubby was playing around with the phone and asked, “Siri, will you do the dishes for me?” to which Siri replied, “No, but I found a number of restaurants in your area.”  When, just for fun, I asked Siri the same question, she replied, “Kelley, I don’t know what you mean by that!” and when I tried to ask more clearly, she said, “This is about you, not me.”

I’ve decided to give Siri a little time out.  😐


4 Comments on “Conversations with Siri

  1. I am also feeling neglected by Siri…she deffinitely responds better to Pat. So I beginning to think Siri is a hoe.

    • Oh my god, Sue, I’m still giggling over this comment. Love it – and completely agree!!

  2. Kelley I laughed and laughed about your experience with Siri!!! I just got a new work phone that has Siri….OMGosh I have had some fun with it!!

    • It really is amazing technology – how they managed a program that gives appropriate (or at least fitting) answers to even the silliest of questions is beyond me!!

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