The Open Road

Have been busy today marking off lists and finishing last minute errands in preparation for my big trip

Important items to pack:

  • Misty and Katie’s books
  • Art journal and art supplies
  • Cameras (yep – two!)
  • Phone, iPad and chargers
  • Kettle and tea bags
  • and that’s all I need 😉

Places to stop along the way:


  • Mail “Plant a Kiss” prize – congrats to lucky winner Kate!!
  • Grocery Store (Hungry Mans for Hubby and healthy snacks for the road for me)
  • Library to return books (just finished 11/22/63 by Stephen King – soooo good!!)
  • Mani/Pedi (teal toes make me very happy 🙂 )
  • Second trip to Grocery Store for the stuff I forgot the first time (sigh)
  • Clean out car in preparation for getting it messy again (??)

I sort of love days when I have alot of things to accomplish. Lists somehow calm me on the eve of an adventure – or maybe it’s the checking things off my list and being able to look back and know that I’ve accomplished so much!

I’m planning a slow trip out to Boscobel, Wisconsin, with lots of stops along the way and a sort of see-what-happens intention. Beyond how to get where I need to be and getting there on time, I haven’t really done much planning. Hubby asked if I was feeling okay because uber-planning is generally my nature. This time though, I’m just not feeling the need – I have plenty of time to get there and no particular expectations and it feels really good.

I’m taking the appropriate electronics with me and plan to blog along the way, so stay tuned – I hit the road first thing in the morning!!


2 Comments on “The Open Road

  1. Have a wonderful time-I’m sure you will! I took a class from Misty at Squam several years ago. Happy road trip!

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