Sacred Play – Day 1


I know I promised to tell more about yesterday, but I honestly can’t remember now what I was going to say because my head is so full of all the goodness that was today! I guess that’s the best way to travel life’s journey – in each moment, as it happens.


I was so inspired by the day, that when I read Maya’s Type Rider post over dinner, I decided to put my thoughts into poetry form. Seems fitting after a day full of art in a place just inches from heaven…


I am grateful for yoga behind the barn on a glorious May morning,
for birdsong and a gentle breeze to remind me of my place in the world,
for soft voices speaking shoutful words.

Today, I’m even mildly grateful for a small piece of charcoal
and the freedom of a blank page,
even though such things normally tease me unmercifully with my inadequacies.

I am grateful for corn farmers
and winding country roads
and this space for dreaming.

Mostly I’m just grateful to be here
among women who see the same things I do.



5 Comments on “Sacred Play – Day 1

  1. So glad to hear your first day was so very glorious! Your poetry format was most enjoyable to read! It had me behind the barn enjoying that yoga class with the birds! Thank you ever so much for sharing!

  2. I’ll meet you behind the barn with my yoga mat!!! So glad you are sharing your adventure with us.

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