Pet Sense

I think people who make the decision to dump an animal must have a sixth sense about where best to dump… say, in the park where my hubby plays disc golf (Moe), or in our front flower bed (Buster), or at the vet next to Hubby’s store (Tucker), or how about by the dumpster at Hubby’s store – about 10 feet from a very busy street?

Meet Chloe – the latest addition to our crazy pet family…


Either the dumpers have a sixth sense or my hubby is hyper alert to any pet in distress. It may well be the latter, but I’m really hoping no more needy pets show up for awhile; otherwise, I’m gonna need a bigger house!!


3 Comments on “Pet Sense

      • That is how it SHOULD be. You fall in love with them and take them in. You heal their lives and they heal yours. 🙂

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