Kitten Chronicles

This little kitten had a rocky start. Hubby plucked her from certain death about 15 feet from a busy intersection.

After that and a visit to the vet, she was pretty much cowering in abject terror of all two-leggeds.

But we were patient (playing helped a TON) and persistent and, slowly but surely, we’re making amazing progress.

We conquered food and water by the second day, the litter box was a little slower, but we have that down now too.  Cuddles (times 100) came today – she’s decided the two-leggeds in her family aren’t so bad after all.

All we have left now is introducing her to her four-legged brother and sister, who thus far are showing NO desire to get to know Cleo… uh-uh, nope, not at all.

Oh, and a correction – yesterday, I said her name was Chloe – was a brain malfunction.  She is Cleo (short for Cleopatra) on account of her beautiful coal-rimmed eyes.


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