Biz Card Book

I’ve had a little run on my Biz Card Boxes, which is a huge hooray (and thank you!!) but also a dilemma because I’ve stopped drinking the Maxwell House Coffees that produce the tins I use to make the boxes (sigh).  I know there are probably hundreds of those tins going into the garbage all over the place, but I can’t figure out how to intercept them.  If you happen to drink that coffee and would care to share your empty’s with me, I’d sure be grateful for an email!!

In any event, necessity has once again become the mother of my inventive bone!  Introducing my Biz Card Book!…

I’m actually liking this a little better because I can see more cards at once…

Plus, it fits perfectly on my bookshelf, right beside my address and birthday books…

These photos are of my prototype – but I’m just about there and expect to get some in the shop in June.  This version holds 80-85 cards of various sizes (as you can see in the photos), but I may make a little thicker book next time so I can include a few more signatures, upping the count to over a hundred!

Must be the spring air or something, but I’m working on a whole mess of new ideas over here – all with a slant towards practical/pretty organizational tools.  I’ll keep you posted as new items develop!

And, just in case you need a kitten fix (must admit I’m completely addicted 🙂 )…


2 Comments on “Biz Card Book

  1. Oh Kelley! Love your new business card design! You are so very clever! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your new “organizational” products as well! I SO enjoy being organized! For years it was always with drab, conservative tools to fit into my conservative work environment! Not anymore! I want my “true interests” to be part of my “work life!”. Who says a project manager can’t have fun! Big hugs!

    • I agree – we spend so much time at work, we ought to be able to surround ourselves with products that reflect our true selves. I’ll keep you posted!!

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