2013 Sketchbook Project

I’ve taken the plunge and signed up for the next Sketchbook Project!

This program, sponsored by Art House Coop, collects thousands of sketchbooks from all over the world and then travels with them across the US and Canada in public exhibits where you can actually hold the books in your hands and see inside.  I participated in 2011 and it’s sort of humbling to think about my book being out in the world that way.  Someday, I’d truly love to visit the Brooklyn Art Library, where all the past collections live, and hold that book in my hands again – not to mention a few of the other wonderful books.  I’m thinking 2013 may be my year to see the project in person!  The show will be traveling to Austin, which is a pretty reasonable road trip!!

The project overall really speaks to me… I love that each of us start with the same exact book, then turn it into a unique representation of ourselves.  All of these unique, individual representations then become part of a larger collaborative that then gets packed up and transported to art lovers far and wide.  It’s “kind art” at its finest – art that each of us, individually and collectively, put into the world for no other purpose than to delight and I’m thrilled to be adding to the conversation once again.

If you’re an Art House account holder, you can view my 2011 book here (no cost to create an account).  If you think you might like to participate, you’ll find full details right here.


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