Don’t Chunk It – Junk It

Spent a most fun-tabulous Sunday afternoon at my favorite paper art store playing with junk-mail journaling! (I downloaded the I LIKE TO CUT AND PASTE STUFF graphic from Mary Ann Moss – here)

Lots of cool stamps and tapes and papers and paints and goodies and IDEAS to share.

Everything started with various pieces/sizes/shapes of junk mail we all brought from home…

then embellished with whatever struck our fancy!

If you’ve never tried this before, it’s soooooo much fun (I made the photobooth strip I used above at!  It’s only junk mail, so the fear of “messing it up” is released and you can focus on just having FUN and using up all that stuff you keep saving for something special!  I’m determined to work this way more often – need the play and release of it and, honestly, I think I make better stuff when I’m not trying so hard!

Tucker even gave his stamp of approval!  (and he hasn’t been too excited about ANYthing since baby Cleo came home).


One Comment on “Don’t Chunk It – Junk It

  1. IT really was fun & fun sitting with you! I’m talking to Lisa. I think we should have a monthly chunk it – junque play day just like scrap stores have crops. Love ur pages & thanks for the encouragement too! XOXOX

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