The Kitten Poet

Cleo has discovered the magnetic poetry words on the side of my fridge.  My first reaction was to move them all out of her reach, but then I got to wondering if the words she pulled down might fit together into anything interesting – so I left them and have been watching to see what turns up.

Here are a few nuggets…

  • very joyous magic
  • sing peace
  • powerful good universe

Now, I have to admit that the words within her reach all came from a set of inspirational words, so she probably couldn’t go wrong; but, I still love it.

Mostly, I love the fact that she’s just playing, having fun with tactile objects, working a little to release each one, and then witnessing her utter joy when the particular one she wants comes down (and she is very particular about it).

Defining joy and happiness in this weird new life of mine is something I’m especially interested in lately.  I ran across this gem of a video on the Squam blog today and wanted to share it here (partly so I’d be able to find it again – because this is definitely one to watch again and AGAIN and again)!!


4 Comments on “The Kitten Poet

    • Couldn’t agree with you more – she’s a sweetie and she is COMPLETELY in charge! But I’m totally in love, so it all works out. 😀

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