On My Drawing Board

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you can’t really remember having accomplished anything?  That’s where I started out this morning, but the more I inventoried, the more I realized I’d actually got quite a bit done! Here’s a peek…

  • I’ve been working on a couple of online classes – Lesley Riley’s ASAP and Julie Prichard’s Mixed Media Variety Hour.  Both suggested making/starting an idea journal and I decided to take the lazy route and picked up (yet another) Smash Book since I love the size and the format is perfect for “smashing” ideas.  Lesley’s class called for another journal to use for celebrating life’s little victories and, for that one, I picked up some Moleskin Cahiers and covered one with some of that newsprint collage paper I made last week…
  • I’m working on a couple of things for the shop – one is a Biz Card Book (like the one I shared here) and the other is something new, still in progress, to keep post-it notes safe when you’re on the go (another item designed to fulfill a personal need).  I did not work on my “About” page as I promised myself last week, but it’s still on my radar!

  • Went to my favorite Paper Art store on Friday and made a whole mess of inspirational/all occasion cards – love having these in my stash so I can just pull one out when I need it…
  • And last, I’m especially happy about finishing my Love Notes.  My friend Linda told me about this and I signed up immediately – just the sort of Kind Art project I was looking for!!  And my first postcard went into the mail this past Sunday.

In other news, Cleo is growing by leaps and bounds!  She’s attained table and counter-tops in the art room, so I’m going to have to try to be a little tidier in there until she gets past the taste-everything-in-sight stage.  She’s also attained the bed, which may mean trouble if she doesn’t quit waking me up at 3am for the bed-monster game (which typically involves toe-biting)…


3 Comments on “On My Drawing Board

  1. Hi Kelley! Loved the Live Notes idea! Jumped on that right away and heard back from Jennifer !! Already have someone assigned to me to send post cards to! I’m so excited!!! You get involved in the coolest things! I don’t have time to look around so I just look to your blog !! I’m back in town and will catch up with you soon ! Didn’t know you were a June birthday?! Me too ! Big hugs!!!

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