How Cool Is That?!

I just love when something fun or inspirational crosses my path and it’s a recurring theme I keep meaning to share here on the blog.  This week a few things accumulated close enough together that I was finally inspired to act!  My plan is to collect and share these little lists occasionally, as 3-4 cool items accumulate.  Hope you enjoy!!

  • I just adore Anthropology and this past week, got the absolute sweetest little package in the mail in celebration of my upcoming birthday.  “Me Time” – love it and definitely planning to use it since there’s now an Anthro in OKCY!!…
  • Over the spring, my friend Maya set out on an amazing adventure – which I was super-excited to support.  Yesterday, the little card below came in the mail, thanking me for my support and introducing me to a fun little app called Postagram that allows you to create postcards using your photos in Instagram or Facebook.  While I’m not that active in either, I love the concept!  Could very well entice me to play with those networks a little more!!
  • Discovered the Art Abandonment group on Facebook!  Sponsored by Michael DeMeng, this is right up my alley!  The goal is to abandon pieces of your art in random public places – KIND ART style!!  LOVE it and requested to join right away.  Now I have to think about what I can abandon and where – hmmmm…..
  • Just finished a great little book called “Calling Invisible Women” by Jeanne Ray.  It’s about a woman named Clover, who awakes one morning to find herself invisible – literally.  I’ve been having that feeling so much lately it’s not even funny, but this book definitely IS funny and a real treat because Clover gets even in the end.  Loved it!

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