Love Notes

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been participating in Jennifer Belthoff’s Love Notes project.  In a nutshell, participants were assigned a partner to whom postcard “love notes” would be sent.  Each week, Jennifer provided a writing prompt so you had a definite something to say and the rest was up to us!  I chose to hand-craft all of my cards – the tapey card and the filmy/collagey “happy” card above are the last couple I sent out and the other two are cards I’ve received.

I adore projects like this – not as much for the receiving, as for the giving.  I really took time to think about Jennifer’s prompts and (hopefully) wrote responses that would resonate with my partner – something meaningful released into the world when there’s so much superficiality beating down our doors.  I also adore the idea of my cards and words going out into the world and being read, not just by the recipient, but possibly by the postal carriers along the way.  I’m sure they need a boost too after delivering all that junk and bill mail!

It’s a different sort of Kind Art, since I’m shared my name and will be receiving something too, but I think the spirit is still there – reaching out to someone you don’t really know to share something beautiful in images and words.  Gotta love that!


4 Comments on “Love Notes

  1. Oh my goodness this post and the lovely post card I received from you brought tears to my eyes. I love how you thought about the additional people who would read your words along the way. That is one thing I love about post cards and one of the reasons I choose them for this project. Each hand that your card passes through may read your words. And you never know what effect they may have on that individual.

    I adore your postcards and also love seeing something you have received. It makes me smile knowing love is traveling through the mail. Thank you so much for being a part of this project.

    • Thank you Jennifer – both for your kind words and for the project itself. I just loved being a part of it!!!

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