The Bathroom Project

Remember that bathroom remodel project I teased about oh-so-many moons ago?  Well, it’s finally finished!!!  And, oh my gosh, am I ever happy with it.  I had my first official bubble bath a few days ago and it was heaven indeed – spa central and everything smells so new!!

Remember the before?

Well… here it is now!!!

My amazing Hubby did most of the work himself, with a tiny assist from me with the wallpaper stripping (though when I say “tiny” I mean miniscule).  We also hired a bathroom refitter to install the tub and shower – which was a bit of a painful process (due to back-orders and lack of communication), but it came out nice in the end…

You probably can’t even imagine what a victory this is for me.  When we first bought this house (oh some 15+ years ago), there were MANY things to love – the light, the location (quiet cul-de-sac), a “hut” out back for Hubby’s man-cave, the trees and shrubbery…  Oh yes, I was in love with every little thing EXCEPT the gray tile everyplace I looked – the kitchen floor & back-splash, the bathrooms, the laundry room, a border of it ALL the way around the living room and the entire entry-way.  If you know me at all, you know that I cannot abide gray!  So the last 15+ years have been a slow but sure charge against the gray in my house – and this bathroom was the last little bit (you can see it a little bit under the potty in the “before” photo above).

Color and life – that’s my motto and the golden rule for my home!  We have a few little re-dos and updates left, but mostly this house is now completely and totally OURS – and it would take wild horses to drag us away from it!!


3 Comments on “The Bathroom Project

  1. It’s so fresh looking! I am very much in love with your shower curtain. It’s dreamy!

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