On My Drawing Board

Hello out there!!  Sorry I’ve been so absent around here.  Lots going on, but words and images have seemed to escape me.  In any event, here are a few fun/exciting things I have on my Drawing Board right now…

  • I’m teaching a class!!  I’m so excited to be teaching a stamp carving class at my favorite paper art store at the end of September.  If you’re in the area, please sign up – you’re gonna love it!!  Click here for details of my “Sweet and Easy Stamp Making” class.
  • I’ve also been taking an actual in-person class!!  My local Vo-Tech offers all sorts of art and creativity classes that are almost always short and packed with goodness.  This time I’m taking a printmaking class that covers mono printing, chin colle and collography.  Photo above is of the prints I made in class Monday night.
  • I finally finished the art journal I started last March in Judy Wise’s Journaling class and it’s probably my favorite one yet.  Here’s a page-by-page flip through…
  • In other exciting news, I’m entering some pieces in the state fair.  It’s a little bit hoaky, but also kinda retro and I really am excited about it.  Brings back memories of walking through those crowded buildings as a child (Creative Arts and Modern Living were always my favorites), marveling at all the wonderful things people made, and dreaming of blue ribbons hanging on my own walls.  You’ll laugh, but I’ve never won a ribbon in my life and am finding the idea sort of romantic – one of those just-for-me kinds of things to do, you know?  The Oklahoma State Fair runs Sep 13-23 and I’ll let you know how I come out!
  • Last, Hubby and I have an exciting trip planned!  We leave Sunday for a 7-day stay at Canyon Ranch in Tuscon, Arizona.  We’re both hoping for a bit of a reboot on our personal fitness goals, but they also have some amazing leisure choices – art classes for me (hooray) and golf camp for Hubby!  I’m taking the iPad and, time/energy permitting, will share the week with you real-time.

So that’s pretty much what’s up around here!  What’s up in your corner of the world?


2 Comments on “On My Drawing Board

  1. Teaching a class, taking classes, a great trip planned, finishing your journal …. you’re a busy girl! Love that you are entering the State Fair. I loved the one in New Mexico and don’t think it’s hoaky at all. If the artists in OK are as good as the ones in NM … you are going to be in good company!!!

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