Sunday Rambling

A crazy, wild windstorm came through night before last, blowing away the heat and bringing at least a temporary taste of fall!  It’s actually been chilly in the mornings and I am oh-so-grateful for the break!!

I got a sneak peek at the State Fair yesterday morning when I ran down to drop off my Creative Arts entries.  Sorta fun to see behind the curtain, though VERY hectic around there with everyone busily prepping for the 9/13 opening.  I’m trying not to worry that I got some of my categories mixed up.  The rules say the judges will correct things they feel are mis-categorized – I’m working to just let it go and trust that the right thing will happen.

This sort of weather makes me love being in the studio even more than usual – the sounds and fresh air coming in through my open window are perfect background music for the kind of work I’m doing right now… which is mainly my niece’s guest book that I talked about in my last post.  I am loving taking this project page by page, without the stress and planning I typically put into projects like this – it’s relaxing in the best way to just let the work flow.  Below is a peek – I’ll try to do a full flip through when it’s all put together…

The kitty’s seem to be loving the weather too – lots of sleeping going on and a certain peace (for a change).  Miss Cleo is currently, against my better judgement, fast asleep on the studio floor.  I will regret this in the morning when she wakes up for her 3am Tucker fight, but the peace and quiet right now feels too precious.  We’ve been experimenting with putting her to sleep in the guest room at night, but it sort of breaks my heart to think of her in there all alone.  Ah well, just six more weeks til she’s old enough to get spayed – fingers crossed that will cool her jets a teensy bit!!

I went to the nature park this morning for my walk and already I can sense the forest starting to slow down – lots of the normal August brown everyplace, but I sense fall just behind the scenes.  You have to be fast to catch fall in Oklahoma – we usually go from green to brown to empty in just a couple of weeks.  I’m going to be sure to keep a close eye on it this year as I’m loving being outside more than ever.

After the nature park, I wandered around the book store for a bit and saw the most amazing book in the pre-teen section… Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick – two stories, one in words and one in pictures, that intertwine into one beautiful novel.  I passed it up, but it’s calling me!  Being someone who loves telling stories through pictures as much as words, I sense a connection!


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