Sunday Rambling

There are times when the journey seems more uphill, which is definitely harder than downhill, but always more rewarding in the end.  I usually just have to convince myself to trudge forward and not get bogged down in the fog and funk.

Cold, wet mornings haven’t helped much, but I haven’t missed a single morning walk and today I was rewarded with a glimpse of fall sunshine!  I’m oh-so-grateful!

I’ve been meeting myself coming back this week.  We’re working on an update of my mom-in-law’s condo and it has been slow, hard work (to say the least) – with much more in store before we’re done.  But, already we’re seeing good progress and it feels good to be working towards something so significant.

Photo above is a wide look at some of the pieces in the Cell Phones in Summer exhibit I got to see with my friend, Lisa, last week.   I was so inspired that I’ve been playing more with my iPhone camera and the half-dozen or so apps I’ve bought over the last couple of years – below is one of my favorites (taken during one of my morning walks and edited with Camera Bag)…

The exhibit description talked about how cell phone technology and associated apps have made photography more accessible to the masses and I definitely think that’s true.  I’m finding myself more and more just using the cell phone camera and leaving the heavy canon at home except for extra special occasions.  I love that I can whip out my little cell phone and snap a photo without feeling conspicuous… it reminds me of my friend Debra who will stop in her tracks to pick up any rusty bit she finds on the ground.  Art fodder can be found in the most unusual places, can’t it?

I mentioned a few posts ago that I’ve been working on a guest book for my niece’s upcoming wedding.  Well, it’s almost done (all that’s left is the binding), so I hope to have a page-by-page flip through for you in the next couple of days.  I’m also headed to the Oklahoma State Fair on Tuesday to check out the exhibits and finally find out how my own entries performed – I’ll definitely be back to share with you.  I also have my class coming up next Saturday!!!  I definitely see some time in my immediate future that needs to be dedicated to packet-making (yikes – I planned to have those done already).

Looking back through this post, I’m not really remembering the specific uphill parts?!  There’s been a lot of hard work and a ton of goodness swirling around me and I’m reminded (once again) that any rough spots I encounter are usually spots I’ve created all by myself.  Perspective sure is a slippery little slope, isn’t it?


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