When she grew up, she wanted to be a melody…

I’ve been absent here again.  I pull up the admin window from time to time and always close it back down again, thinking I’m in one of those “little to say” places.  It’s not entirely true – I seem to have LOTS to say these days, it just doesn’t seem to be coming out in sentences – just fits and starts of ideas and inspiration, some of which I’m sharing over on Facebook.

I got a chance to go wandering through art galleries with a friend yesterday and gathered MUCH inspiration.  Full sentences are even popping into my head!!  In fact, as I lay in bed later that evening, the words of a poem started to tickle.  It’s rare that something comes quickly and almost fully formed – it feels like a gift, so I thought I’d better share it with you…

“when she grew up,
she wanted to be a melody;
a catchy little ditty constructed
of cedar and strings,
with a touch of birdsong and whispering trees.

the words would be less important
than the rhythm
and meaning
and the potential for dancing.

it would be short and sweet and easy to remember
and when people loved her,
they would be compelled to hum along,
maybe even add harmonies that would carry on the wind.

she would never be an anthem;
it’s just not her way.
she’d be more of a gentle ballad;
one that reminds you just a little
of where you came from,
who you first loved,
what you dream of,
why you are the way you are.”


2 Comments on “When she grew up, she wanted to be a melody…

  1. Oh Kelley I like your poem so very much! I agree it is a gift when it pops into your head like that!! 🙂

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