Merry Stamp Carving

I have another new class offering on the way!!  Will still be on the print making path – maybe I’ve found my niche?  Who knows – I love ALL kinds of art, but I do find I keep coming back to printing in one form or another!  This time we’ll be focused on stamp making.

Students will carve the little girl you see in the lower right-hand corner from Speedball Speedy-Carve.  We’ll also cut the trees, a shadow for the little girl and a fill-in stamp to go behind the star (which is a Dina Wakely stamp) from fun foam.  I just can’t get enough of this inexpensive craft product!  It comes with a sticky backing, in all sorts of shapes and colors (though I prefer white for stamping), and you can cut it with scissors – the possibilities are positively endless.  I’ll also be sharing a technique I learned this time last year from Donna Layton of Under the Red Roof – for tarnishing tinsel.  PLUS, I’ve figured out a way to tarnish silver glitter paper, which is also featured in the piece, and will be sharing that as well.

If you’re in the area, signups will open next Saturday during Demo Day at My Heart’s Fancy!  I expect the class to be sometime in early December, but will keep you posted!


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