Spilling Over

For some reason, I always seem to get a little emotional the day after Thanksgiving – in that way that being all filled up makes tears and laughter sort of want to spill over.  We had an amazing day with close family!  All the girls showed up early and I literally had an ARMY in the kitchen helping me!  And when I say “all the girls” I truly mean ALL – even Trixie made a rare appearance (to much acclaim).  Let me just say I could TOTALLY get used to the idea of issuing chores and watching everything magically come together with a minimal amount of work on my part!  I felt like queen for the day!!

We’ve added some new faces to the family this year – TWO weddings brought me a new brother-in-law and nephew-in-law (my niece and new nephew-in-law shown below).  It makes me so happy to see my family members so very happy and in love!

Unseasonable warm temps yesterday prompted a little late-night adventure for miss Cleo, when she managed to slip a screen out of its track and escape to the back yard.  Hubby discovered her after about 30 minutes of listening to softly rustling leaves and today I can’t help but giggle every time I think of my baby’s starlit romp through those fallen leaves!  Today, she’s pretty much been sacked out at my feet all day – maybe tired from her adventure, thankful for her home, or a little of both.

I’ve stayed as far away from retail as possible today, honoring Sherry Richert Belul’s New Black Friday challenge.  I participated in Sherry’s challenge last year too, making a little love book for my daughter, which I gave to her on Christmas.  It was honestly one of my favorite gifts-given of all time!  This year I’m working on one for my Hubby and I realize how rare it is that I actually sit down and think about our relationship in that sort of tangible way.  I tend to just let it flow along, maybe take it for granted a little and it seems I need a day like this to remember and recognize how important and amazing he is and we are together.

I can’t help but look at our family today and be astounded!  So many new beginnings ahead of us all… retirements and business ventures and marriages and untold exploration ahead.  It’s not really that surprising that I’m spilling open a little today.  This time is rich and my heart is full.

Happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving – may your life be rich and your heart full this season and the whole year through!!


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