With Every Christmas Card I Write…

Several years ago, I starting making all of my Christmas cards and it’s something I have come to really look forward to every year.  I tend to start the week of Thanksgiving (in between cleaning and cooking), cranking up the Christmas music and popping into the studio from time to time to intuitively match things up, move things around, and see what happens!

My cards this year are a widely mixed batch!  I’ve been collecting ideas and papers and ephemera since post-Christmas LAST year and have ultimately amassed enough goodies to make at least a hundred cards!!  Thankfully, I don’t have that many to do, but I’ve made a lot and every single one is different.  It seems every time I try to go back and duplicate a favorite, I end up with something new!  You gotta love that sort of flow!!

It doesn’t seem like people really send cards much anymore.  I get the occasional e-greeting and, of course, lots of warm wishes in Facebook and other social media sources.  Don’t get me wrong, I love any and ALL kinds of hellos and well-mets – there is just something extra special about the kind that come in the mail.  I’m determined to keep snail mail alive (and at the rate I’m going, I may be able to do it single-handedly)!!

It’s become such an integral part of my holiday tradition – a way to reach out to those I love, to give without expectation, and to share a little piece of myself through my art/craft.  I can’t say I make each card with a particular person in mind… it’s more a general feeling of warmth and Christmas spirit that fuels the whole process.  But, when it comes time to figure out who gets which card, it somehow always seems to work out that I have the perfect card for every person on my list – working from the heart is magical like that!

I think the best part is when I hear someone comment on a card I sent years ago – or the occasional person who boasts of saving every card I’ve ever sent.  I adore contributing something so tangible to someone else’s personal history!  And I love to imagine that some of those cards might still be floating around after I’m gone – a little piece of me and my tradition to carry on.


9 Comments on “With Every Christmas Card I Write…

  1. What beautiful cards! I used to make my own many years ago but got lazy. I know how much work goes into doing that I am so impressed!

  2. ps. I just saw your kitties on the side bar and realized we match. We have a calico, a long haired orange tabby and just adopted a black/brown tabby kitten.

    • How funny that our kitties match! My baby tabby has SURE added some excitement around here, but they are fun!

  3. Wonderful wonderful wonderful. I know what a joy it is to receive one of your beautiful cards! Three cheers for snail mail!!!!!

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