The World As We Know It


Here we are, at long last, on the threshold of the end of the world.  Don’t buy into all the hype?  I don’t really either, but I am sort of hoping the world “as we know it” comes to an end.

I mean the world that includes so much hate – gunmen who walk into malls and elementary schools and kill innocents or hate groups who use the sorrow of others to further their own goals.  There is considerable talk across the Internet about gun control and mental health care and holding someone (anyone) accountable… I’ve come to believe we’re all accountable in a way.  Every time we put ugliness into the world, it grows… losing our temper when a store clerk or confused driver makes a mistake, judging anyone based on our own personal beliefs, ranting over whatever slights present themselves in a given day, consuming hate (reading and especially SHARING) when it’s presented in print or over the airwaves.

Yes, I hope the world as we know it ends tomorrow.  I hope Friday brings a new kind of world where a troubled teenager can’t get a gun or can (and is encouraged to) get the help he needs to erase or prevent any such desire.  I hope we find ourselves in a world that celebrates and encourages helpers of all sorts, a world where we all work hard to spread peace and loveliness.  I hope I wake up to a world where people regularly pause before judging… to consider how important a perceived slight really is in the overall scheme of things, to ask whether anger will change a situation for the better (and, if not, what CAN be done to improve the situation), to consider the other person’s feelings before taking any negative action.  I hope with all my heart that I wake up on Friday morning to a world that’s suddenly kinder, more understanding; a world where we’re all connected; a world where beauty shines from the inside out.


3 Comments on “The World As We Know It

  1. May we all have a 2013 that is much closer to your hopeful vision of the world, Kelley ! Happy New Year to you and your loved Ones !

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