Gelli Journaling Boot Camp!


Lisa Wasinger

Saturday was my Gelli Journaling class and we… had… a… BLAST, though I think a better name for this class might be “Gelli Journaling Boot Camp!”  I threw a ton of information and techniques at these ladies and they never batted an eye.  Here’s a peek of how the classroom looked before the fun commenced…


You might call it the calm before the storm – a torrential storm of paint-slinging, texture-stomping, stencil-loving artsy goodness!  I failed to take a photo of the table aftermath, but I did get a shot of everyone’s favorite pages.  Here they are in no particular order…


Teresa Bacon

Jennifer Beene

Jennifer Beene

Biv Geno

Biv Geno

Adona Haas

Adona Haas

Shaunda Dixon

Shaunda Dixon


Melanie Garlinger and Dianne Hicks (these ladies traveled all the way from Dallas to join us!!)

Jill Pitzer

Jill Pitzer

Amy Vanderkooi

Amy Vanderkooi

Kris Killkenny

Kris Killkenny

Below are a couple of additional cover shots – every one of these came out beautifully!  There was just something so dramatic about the bright paints against that dark background – has me thinking about printing on black paper!!


Adona’s Cover

Shaunda's cover

Shaunda’s cover

I had an absolutely fantastic time teaching this class – it was less like a class and more like a giant party with all my artsy friends and I loved every second!  We’re talking about maybe doing another session in the early April timeframe – let me know if you’re interested in attending.

P.S.  Leslie – I hope you’re feeling better!!


11 Comments on “Gelli Journaling Boot Camp!

    • It definitely was, Linda! And, my favorite part, so much wonderful goodness went home in the journals!!

  1. AHA!!! Finally, I see someone (several someones) using the Gelli Plate for BOUND journal pages!!! This is what I have been trying to figure out. Do you just lay the journal on top of the plate, in the same way you would a single sheet of card stock, for example? Do you have any video tutorials of using the Gelli Plate in this way? These pages are all gorgeous!

    • Hi Barbara! Yes, we printed directly to the journal pages. The book I use for this class is pretty small, 8.5 x 5.5, and not very thick, so it worked beautifully on the gelli plate. We did have that half inch on two sides that didn’t get printed, but we just caught that on the next layer or rolled off our brayer on those edges. I do have a larger book that I also print on the plate just by turning it sideways and printing one side (of a two-page spread) at a time.

      I don’t have any video tutorials currently, but am planning some. I’ll keep you posted here and on Facebook!!

      • Fantastic information! I have a couple of sizes of art journals, and I think I can make this process work with the smaller one. Thanks so much and will look forward to video tutorials!

    • Hi Rhonda! This class was in Oklahoma City at a little shop called My Heart’s Fancy – a fantastic local paper craft and stamping store! I am working with the store to plan another class in early April – if you’re nearby, come join us!!

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