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Ahhhh – a day meant to be spent outside or at least with the windows thrown wide open.  I found my way to a new yoga class yesterday and my muscles are a little sore today, but that didn’t sway me from a looong walk at the nature center this morning.  It seems everyone else had the same idea because the park was busier than I’ve seen it in awhile; full to the brim with Okies loving springtime!  I fully intend to get myself outside a little every day for the next few weeks.  I want to soak in every possible bit of beautiful before the summer heat sets in.

I’ve been firmly avoiding the worktable this week; playing, instead, with online classes (this one and this one) and experimenting with video (how to make fortune kisses!).  But today I’ve finally faced the little 5×5 canvas that has had me completely petrified for the last few weeks – such a little thing to carry so much weight!!  It’s still very much a work in progress, but here’s a little instagram-filtered peek (I’m kjw2play on instagram if you might like to follow me there)…

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I signed up for an art retreat this fall!  I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to find one, then my friend Mary told me about Lucky Star Art Camp and I was sold!  Art in the woods – I’m not sure there’s anything better in the world!  And the timing couldn’t be better – Texas in October should be divine.

I have another round of Gelli Journaling coming up!  This will be a repeat class, but I never script these sorts of things, so I’m sure new discoveries will work their way in – if you’re in the area on April 6, I’d love to have you join us!!  Here’s a little montage of photos from the class sample…


This post is a little like my thoughts lately – meandering over a lot of ground and never really seeming to settle on any one thing.  It’s a little dizzying, but I do at least have a to-do list and am slowly marking things off, so somehow in all my wandering I’m getting things done.  There’s a certain goodness in this wandering – letting life find me wherever I might be.


4 Comments on “Meandering…

  1. Hi Kelley, what a pretty photo up top…. and I LOVE where your going with the 5×5 canvas, cant wait to see the finished piece! I also checked out your plant a kiss tutorial and it’s great, really, so “well done” and I checked out the other videos!!! AWESOME! oh….and by the way, I’m a little sore today too 🙂 funny thing though….sore in places I wouldn’t have expected (besides my triceps-OY!!) but can’t wait to get back to it!!

    • Thank you Lisa! I’ve added a little more to the 5×5 – am unsure about it still, so will look forward to your feedback when we get together next! I was sore after last Friday too – and again after Wednesday, but I know it will get better! I’m really enjoying being back in the yoga swing!!!

  2. Your meandering is full of good life living, Kelley ! Wonderful.
    I am thankful for the spring light and anxious for the warmth to follow. It has been a long winter here…
    Sending love and light !
    ps : Texas in Oct. sounds awesome !!!

    • We’re back in colder temps here, but I certainly cannot complain when I compare to what you are getting out your way! Wishing spring weather your way soon!!

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