Messy Seconds Tutorial

I had so much fun making my Fortune Kiss tutorial a few weeks ago, I thought I’d make another video on my Messy Seconds Gelli printing technique.  This is my absolute favorite thing to do on my Gelli plate – always unpredictable and always wonderful – art play at its finest!!!

This is one of the techniques I’ll be sharing in my Gelli Journaling class next Saturday, April 6, at My Heart’s Fancy in Oklahoma City.  We’ll start class by printing backgrounds in an Art Alternatives Multi-Media Sketchbook; covering a number of ways to create textural, artsy and beautiful backgrounds using a Gelli Arts Gelli plate.  In the second half of class, we’ll start building on our backgrounds, using spare Gelli prints, hand-made tape & ephemera, photos and lots of other tools and techniques to make gorgeous art journal pages.  Class price includes an art journal, paint, stencils/masks/tools and TONS of ideas for making and finding art journal elements.  Whether you’re an established art journaler or an art journaler wannabe, this class is for you!  If you’ll be in the area, we still have a few openings – contact the store for additional info or to sign up!


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