Faces and Distractions


I’ve been working through Regina Lord’s Expressions class and am learning SO much. I’ve always said I can’t do portraits, but the truth is I never actually tried that hard. This year, I was determined to make the effort and I’m quickly realizing my biggest hurdle is making time to practice!

The problem is, I am pretty easily distracted.  In one of the videos this week, Regina showed different journals she likes to use in her work and the shiny idea of creating a new journal distracted me completely from making faces. I just can’t resist a fresh new journal! Since this was my first attempt at a coptic stitch, I still learned something new, so it’s all good!  (I just searched YouTube for coptic stitch videos – there are TONS.)

Here is the front and back – I covered 6×6 squares of cardboard with spare Gelli prints…

faces-fr faces-bk

For the inside pages, I used paper sacks, with washi tape down the centers to reinforce for stitching, then I gessoed the pages once I had the book together – in hindsight, I think I would do the gessoing before binding, but I can live with it…

faces-p1 faces-p2

The plan is for this to be a faces book.  With 18 pages, that should give me plenty of practice – assuming I ever make the leap and start making “real” faces vs. “practice” faces.  Once I cross that hurdle, I’ll share my progress!


2 Comments on “Faces and Distractions

  1. Kelley I’m so very impressed! I too have always been very reluctant to attemp faces! You have inspired me once again!

    • Thanks Debra! It’s been really fun to explore something I didn’t think I could do… and then sorta see it coming together!!

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