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I’ve been stretching myself the last two weeks working with Regina Lord’s Expressions class!  Week two had us painting faces, which seemed much easier to me than sketching them.  With sketching, I struggle to get the shading to look anywhere near natural and, while I’m still learning to blend paint, I think I’m making better progress.  I’ve at least gained enough confidence to graduate to the little journal I shared in the last post – the face here is the second in that book!

For this one, I used craft paints and I love the colors, but the consistency of the paint is just too thin and dries too quickly for me to really blend successfully.  Which means I’ll be cleaning out the last little bit of craft paint in my stash and sticking with heavier bodied, artist grade paints from here on out.

I’m endlessly inspired by the bright colors used by Mindy Lacefield and Dina Wakely in their portraits – they are really what got me started wanting to paint faces in the first place, but I wanted to get some foundational skills down and Regina’s class has been fantastic for that!  I think next week, we’ll be adding some brighter color palettes and I’m really looking forward to that!

Anything stretching you beyond your limits lately?  I’d love to hear about it!


6 Comments on “Stretching

  1. Kelley, I love the tranquil expression, the shading, and especially the clouds! Nice work!!

  2. Oh Kelley…., she’s so sweet….. Wow! You are good at stretching…..! It’s really great to see, keep sharing 🙂

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