Gelli Bound – Long Stitch Style

What do you get when you combine eight creative souls with some gorgeous Dina Wakely acrylic paints, a variety of fabulous stencils and a handful of Gelli Arts Gelli Plates?  Bliss, that’s what!!  That is definitely what we found last Saturday when I taught “Gelli Bound – Long Stitch Style” at My Heart’s Fancy in Oklahoma City.


I have to tell you, Dina’s new line of paint with Ranger is just to die for – just look at the brilliant color on Marie’s plate below! And it’s like rolling cream onto your plate. Just yummy!  These girls were definitely NOT afraid to try new combinations and the results were simply wonderful!


This was a full day workshop, with Gelli printing in the morning and book binding in the afternoon.


One of the big things we worked on was “bleed prints,” where the paint goes all the way to the edges of the paper vs. a more traditional print with a white border all the way around.  These worked nicely as pages in our finished books and we had a lot of fun playing with ways to create 8.5 x 11 bleed prints on 8×10 or 8″ round plates!


Loved the bleed prints Lisa used for her cover, created using the 8″ round plate and a few fun Balzer Bits!


The book form for this class featured a Long Stitch style binding and the girls all jumped in like they were born to it.


Here are the finished books, in no particular order…


Jennifer’s book


Lisa’s book


Fran’s book


Chris’s book


Marie’s book (in progress)


Sharyn’s book


Bivian’s book

Debra's book (in progress)

Debra’s book (in progress)

One of my favorite things about a class like this is seeing the sparkle in my students’ eyes when they tie that last knot and realize they have just created a book from start to finish!  There is really just no feeling like printing your own papers, covering your own book boards, stitching in your very own signatures and knowing there is not and never will be another book just like yours!!

Thanks girls for another fantastic teaching experience!  Your work was just beautiful and it was a joy to have each of you in class!!


9 Comments on “Gelli Bound – Long Stitch Style

  1. Love those juicy colors and the books are gorgeous….you rock that class. Can’t wait to see you in November. xox

  2. Love your work, wish you were closer. What did you use to cover the spine?

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