Prayer Flags – Part 2 (Samples and Ideas)

Welcome back to my series on prayer flags!  Yesterday, I shared some of the symbology and meaning of traditional prayer flags.  Today I have a video for you that will briefly review some of the information from yesterday and expand on the idea of gypsy prayer flags.  I have lots of examples in this video that I hope will get your creative juices flowing!

How to Raise a Kitten

Before… After… Step 1:  Rescue kitten from certain disaster. Step 2:  Ensure resident cats aren’t going to eat kitten. Step 3:  Learn how to SLEEP when kitten thinks sleeping is supposed to be done during daylight hours. Step 4:  Learn to love kitten despite her really poor sleeping habits. Step 5:  TEACH KITTEN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FURNITURE AND SCRATCHING POSTS (I simply cannot emphasize…