To schedule classes at your location or to inquire about pricing, please contact me at kjw1janday[at]

For all in-person Gelli Printing classes, I have Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plates to borrow!  So, if your students don’t have plates of their own, these classes offer a great opportunity to test drive this fantastic tool!

Gelli Bound – Long Stitch Style:  This class combines the two things I love most – handmade papers and book binding! During the first part of this ~6 hour class, we’ll create our own hand printed papers, then we’ll finish by building our own hardback books.  The books will be filled with more of our beautiful monotype prints and blank papers, stitched together with a basic longstitch and finished with a button or beads.  Class price includes all paper, paint, book board and binding materials/tools.


and Coming Soon!  Gelli Bound Long Stitch Style – ONLINE!!

I’m currently filming an online version of this class and hope to release it in the fall, so stay tuned!  I hope to open enrollment very soon.

Gelli House: I adore my Gelli Plate and I bet you’ll fall in love too once you see all the ways we can use it in this project-based class!  We’ll start by printing to a variety of different papers AND direct to our house-shaped box, then we’ll combine our prints with rubber stamps and embellishments to complete a fun mixed-media house.  But wait!  We’ll also use our scraps to create some goodies to go inside our boxes for a perfect housewarming or hostess gift!  Class price includes paper, paint, paper mache box, stencils/masks/tools and more.


Gelli Journaling:  During the first half of this ~6 hour class, we’ll use a Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate to create artsy backgrounds in an Art Alternatives Multi-Media Sketchbook.  After lunch, we’ll come back and build on our backgrounds, using spare Gelli prints, photos, scrapbook ephemera and lots of other tools and techniques to make gorgeous art journal pages.  The book is finished with a treasure pocket and elastic band to keep the artsy goodness contained!  Class price includes the 5.5″ x 8.5″ art journal, paint, stencils/masks/tools and TONS of ideas for making and finding art journal elements.  Whether you’re an established art journaler or an art journaler wannabe, this class is for you! 


Gelli Bound:  During the first half of this ~6 hour class, we’ll use a Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate and tons of texture and masking tools to build beautiful, one-of-a-kind mono-prints.  We’ll clean up and take a break for lunch, then come back and turn our prints into 3 little purse-sized journals (appx 4×6, filled with 80lb mixed-media paper) that fit perfectly into a cute little box that we will create from scratch and cover with more of our wonderful mono-prints.  Class price includes paper, paint, book board, stencils/masks/tools and binding supplies.


Mono-Printing Shoji-Style:  During the first half of this ~6 hour class, we’ll use a Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate, texture tools and a variety of natural materials to create gorgeous mono-prints.  We’ll clean up and take a break for lunch, then come back and turn our prints into a sweet little shoji-style accordion book.  Sample shown celebrates autumn, but this class can easily be customized for other seasons.


Stamp Carving Basics:  Making your own one-of-a-kind stamps has never been easier!  In these classes, students will learn how to carve their own stamp ART using family photos; plus, we’ll look at ways to use fun foam to take our commercial stamps up a level.  Students go home with at least two new stamps AND a sweet little piece of art that showcases their new stamp-making skills.  I’ll also share my own growing collection of hand-carved stamps and talk a little about ways you can harvest stamp ideas from your own life.  Each student will need a set of carving tools – all other supplies are included in the class price.  Available projects are shown below or I can customize a new project for your group:

Class SampleSweet1


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