Kind Art

A few years ago, I discovered an amazing movement, made up of all sorts of artists, that involved sharing artwork in random places for unknown strangers to discover.  The idea hit such a chord with me that I started collecting examples and I have found an amazing array… yarn bombers, authors, poets, rock fairies, actors, seamstresses, photographers, musicians, dancers, lovely-beckoners, street artists/activists and so very much more.

I love the way each of these individuals or groups have left pieces of themselves out in the wide world for random passers-by to discover and be delighted by.  That’s at the particular heart of “Kind Art” – it’s that thing that someone intentionally leaves behind for no other reason than to delight a complete stranger.  And sometimes there’s even an added benefit.  You might call it a “random act of kindness” when people like these coffee lovers in Atascadero, CA decide to pass the gift along.

In the spring of 2012, I had the opportunity to participate MY first Kind Art project.  And the seed was firmly planted!  I’m hooked and forevermore on the lookout for more ways to leave this sort of offering in the world.  On this site, you’ll find a category called “kind art” that highlights all of the things I’m finding and/or releasing that fit this model.

It is my sincere hope (and my only real intention) that these projects will inspire YOU too.  If they do, I’d be deeply grateful if you would drop me a note about the experience (and photos might just send me over the moon).

Have fun – make art – pass it on!!


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